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Amon da Estancia dos Coqueiros


  • FCI AA Hips

  • FCI Vrij (free) Elbows

  • Spine Vrij (free)

  • MDR1 +/+ (clear)

  • DM N/N (normal)

  • CEA +/+ (clear)

  • Born November 29th, 2011


From Alma's website, "We imported an adult FCI champion through our Brazilian network a few months ago. The beautiful homozygous shorthair male Amon has now been approved for breeding purposes by the breed club. This adult champion male will be able to prove himself at shows and in breeding. Amon is a nice male with a wonderful drive and a good will to please. A friendly, playful white shepherd with bloodlines that are foreign to Europe. Amon came to the Netherlands after his 4th birthday and was officially x-rayed HD and Ed free!!!"

We are very grateful to Alma Groot // Heart of Lothian (The Netherlands) for allowing us to purchase semen from "Amon"!

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