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Jan-June News from OFFK

Wow, am I late to the party on this one! Between breeding Furrari, my college commitments, running WHITE SWISS WORLD, and having COVID-19 for the second time, I have completely neglected to update our blog.

The first half of 2022 has been quite eventful for the dogs of Fireside Fernweh!

Furrari was bred in late January and gave birth to our DRIVE litter on March 28th, 2022. We welcomed 9 lovely puppies into the world, 4 females and 5 males, from Furrari and Zorro. It’s crazy to just now type about our DRIVE puppies, given that the majority are in their new homes and our keeper boy, Enzo, is entered in his first show this weekend.

Lumen (Lumen Ride Side By Side OFFK) has had a great year thus far, earning multiple titles, including:

• Expert Trick Dog

• Canine Good Citizen

• Animal Actor 1

• Animal Actor 2

• Animal Actor 3

• Animal Actor 4

• Animal Actor 5

• Canine Conditioning Fitness 1

• Canine Conditioning Fitness 2

• Canine Conditioning Fitness 3

• Canine Conditioning Fitness 4

Lumen is owned by Karla Carlson in Minnesota, USA. Pending health testing results, Karla intends to breed Lumen early 2023 in cooperation with our kennel. We are looking forward to the next gen of Fireside Fernweh dogs!

Vali (Ride to Valhalla OFFK) has earned his first few titles as well:

• Rally Intro

• Novice Trick Dog

• Intermediate Trick Dog

• Advanced Trick Dog

We are also pleased to announce that Vali has found a home to call his own, and will be leaving us at the end of July. While we will miss having this crazy, sweet boy around, we are excited for him to move into a more suitable home.

Opie (Ride My Charming Son OFFK), owned by Katri McCullough // Kennel Sons of North completed the requirements for his Trick Novice (TKN) and Trick Intermediate (TKI). This makes Opie the 6th puppy from our 2020 RIDE litter to have earned a title, out of 9 puppies born. How exciting!

Nova (Royal Nova Ride OFFK), owned by Ava Foreman and Jean Reeves, has also done very well this year, having earned her Novice Trick Dog (NTD) and Precision Coursing Superior (RACES) titles. Nova also showed at the UWSC National Specialty and UKC PREMIER Nationals in June, where she earned:

1x Champion of Champions Award of Merit

2x Reserve Champion of Champions

The Champion class was quite competitive, with 10+ entries, so we are ecstatic with Nova’s results!

Furrari has hit the ground running after the DRIVE litter’s arrival, competing in her first ever NADAC trial just 10 weeks after having puppies. We had an excellent weekend, coming home with 12/18 Q’s over 3 days and two new titles, her Novice Jumpers Certification (NJC) and Tunnelers Novice (TN-N), with legs towards her NAC and GN-N.

Just 11 weeks post having puppies, Furrari’s coat was practically nonexistent. Despite this, Furrari was shortlisted in the Grand Champion class on Saturday, but unfortunately did not place. Furrari had a blast in performance, however, earning her Precision Coursing Novice (RACEN) title with superb times, as well as many points towards her next dock diving title. Agility was not our strong suit this year, but at least we got nice photos, LOL. Premier photos courtesy of Emily Wang, Taylor Gracie, Pam Lin, and Morgan Stanley.

Enzo (Drive to Win OFFK) had a great time making new friends at UKC Premier, and even got to do a puppy fun run in precision coursing. He loved it!

Vali (Ride to Valhalla OFFK) got to try his paw at dock diving for fun at Premier! I had no expectations for him, but he did great jumping off the ramp. Who knows, maybe dock diving will be in his future with his new owners! Photo by Taylor Gracie.

Fellow photographer and White Swiss Shepherd breeder, Taylor Gracie, snapped this shot of baby Enzo! I am overly pleased with this baby boy and can’t wait to see where the future takes us. This guy is everything I’ve dreamed of and more 💙

Taylor also captured this shot of Danger (Drive Dangerously OFFK) at Premier! Danger is with us for a little longer before heading to his new home in Thailand. Happy for this guy and can’t wait to see him in his new home!

And last but not least, Taylor captured Hiro (Drive Oceanside OFFK) at Premier. Hiro is staying with us until he completes import requirements and completes his UKC Show Champion. Once that happens, he will be heading to his new Hawaiian home with Angela Hong.

All in all, not a bad start to the year! We are looking forward to seeing what the rest of 2022 has in store for us!

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