• Skylar Copeland

June News from OFFK

Wow! What a month! Furrari and her puppies picked up a total of 7 titles this June!

Furrari kicked off the month by earning her Advanced Jumper (AJ) title in USDAA by running @Home courses.

Lumen (Lumen Ride Side By Side OFFK) and her owner, Karla Carlson, are killing it at trick dog titles and earned her Advanced Trick Dog (ATD) and Advanced Trick Dog Master (ATD-M) titles!

Momma Furrari (Royal's Furrari Freedom Ride) and three of her babies had a successful weekend in Amherst Junction, WI.

Furrari had two successful searches in her first Nosework trials and earned her Novice Vehicles (NV) title.

I entered Furrari in one rally trial, and she earned a 97 in Level 2, a 100 in Level 3, and a 96 in Masters, which completed her United Rally Excellent (URX) title.

In conformation, Furrari earned

  • 4x Best of Breed

  • 1x Group 1st

  • 1x Group 3rd

  • 2x Group 4th

  • 2x Total Dog

Beatles (Ticket to Ride OFFK) picked up

  • 2x Reserve Best Female

Lumen (Lumen Ride Side by Side OFFK) earned

  • 1x Best Female

  • 1x Best of Winners

Lumen is owned, handled, and trained by Karla Carlson.

Chanel (Diamond Ride OFFK) earned

  • 3x Best Female

  • 1x Best of Winners

Chanel is owned, handled, and trained by Gisele Tilander. In Amherst, she picked up all three of her required competition wins (like majors) for her Champion title, and now only needs a few more points!

At UKC PREMIER, Furrari picked up a Total Dog Group 2nd in a lineup of 20 herding dogs! Thank you judge, Kevin Izard-Carrol. Furrari and I also earned 5th place in the Top Junior Handler Rally Obedience invitational. Furrari also got to do dock diving and picked up her United Junior Jumper Champion (UJJCH) title!

At UKC PREMIER, our boy Vali (Ride to Valhalla OFFK) picked up

  • 3x 1st in Puppy class

  • 2x Best Male

  • 1x Best of Winners

This puts Vali at about halfway finished with his UKC Champion title! Vali is searching for a home of his own, either as a show/sport prospect or active companion.

Beatles (Ticket to Ride OFFK) remembered how to be a show dog at UKC PREMIER and came home with

  • 2x 1st in Breeder-Handler class

  • 1x Best Female

  • 1x Best of Winners

This means Beatles is also about halfway to her Champion title!

Miss Chanel (Diamond Ride OFFK) had a fabulous weekend at the UKC PREMIER as well, and came home with

  • 3x 1st in Puppy class

  • 1x 1st in Open class

  • 1x Best Female

With a great weekend, Chanel picked up her Champion (CH) title! We are elated and can't wait to see what the future holds for this amazing girl! Chanel is owned, trained, and handled by Gisele Tilander.

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