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November News from Fireside Fernweh

Another great month in the books!

We have officially decided that Vali (Ride to Valhalla OFFK) will be a permanent resident of Fireside Fernweh! He started his IGP training this month, and showed great potential, so we will be pursuing IGP titles with him. If all goes well, he will be standing stud to approved bitches after completing his health testing.

Furrari and I had a great weekend at Kickapoo Kreek K9 Klub’s rally and obedience trials over the 13th and 14th! Furrari received numerous compliments for her attitude in the ring - pure, bouncy happiness. Video from our 196 run in Advanced Novice obedience. I didn’t record our rally runs this time.

Furrari earned great scores in Obedience and Rally:

OBEDIENCE 193.5, 196, and 190.5 in Advanced Novice

RALLY OBEDIENCE 4x 100 in Level 2 2x 100, 98, and 97 in Level 3 94, 98, 99, and 100 in Masters

These runs earned her her Rally Masters Excellent (RMX) and Advanced Companion Dog (ACD) titles! Furrari is the FIRST EVER White Shepherd to earn the RMX and ACD titles!

While we were running rally and obedience, Furrari's carbon copy, Nova (Royal Nova Ride OFFK), was kicking butt in Indiana, earning herself a Best of Breed over multiple Top Ten ranked dogs as well as a Group 1st! Nova is owned, trained, and handled by Ava Foreman and co-owned by Jean Reeves. This girl is 11 months old, and has already earned three BOB awards over dogs older and more mature than herself. We cannot wait to see what she does as she continues to grow and mature!

Lumen (Lumen Ride Side By Side OFFK) has begun training Mondioring, a sport comprised of an obedience phase and a protection phase. Lumen is owned, trained, and handled by Karla Carlson. *Photos within ad taken by Sara Brueske

We would also like to congratulate Al & Gisele Tilander, owners of Chanel (Diamond Ride OFFK), on completing their SARTECH II certification! Now that the human half is certified, Chanel and her "brother" Brit (Hula Moon's Ballantine's to Cheers Brit), can begin working towards their own certification in Search and Rescue.

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