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RIDE TO VALHALLA OFFK | Available Young Male

Ride to Valhalla of Fireside Fernweh AKA "Vali" has returned to Fireside Fernweh through no fault of his own. His original owners did not have the time to properly care for and train him, so I opted to take him back to find him a better home.

Vali is possibly the sweetest boy alive, and wants to be close with his people. He seems to believe he is a lapdog, despite being over 60lbs at 9 months. He is quite the character and can be somewhat vocal.

Vali will do anything for a ball or tug toy. His determination to get the toy is quite honorable, and he absolutely loves a good game of fetch or tug (in his perfect world, both would be employed). He is wicked smart and easy to train, often learning new ideas in only a few minutes. His food drive is not quite as high and he can be somewhat picky (training treats are beneath this boy), but he will happily work for human foods or freeze dried meaty dog treats.

Because Vali was not properly socialized, he does take time to warm up to new people, and will probably never be a super outgoing boy, but he is content to ignore people to work for treats or toys. In other words, he is neutral to neutral people, but would rather not be friends with everyone he crosses paths with. I don't foresee this being any kind of issue so long as his new family respects that he does not need to make friends with everyone.

Vali is good with strange dogs, but does display some dominant male behaviors with male dogs in the home. For this reason, I will not place Vali in a home with other males.

Ultimately, Vali's ideal home would be someone who will commit to some level of training, for fun or competitively, and who will include them on their adventures. Vali would make a great "weekend warrior" and is pretty low maintenance to live with, but really does love activity when presented. Vali is a great dog who had a rough start, and would do best with someone cognizant of that. If you think you may be a good match for Vali, please email me at

Vali also has his own page here:

View Vali learning some obedience:

View Vali's first agility session:

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