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Spring 2023 Litters

It's been awhile since I've written on our blog! We are pleased to announce two litters coming this Spring: the AUTHENTIC (Kibo X Lumen) litter and the FREEDOM (Rudy X Furrari) litter.

Lumen was bred to Kibo on January 31st, 2023 and her expected due date is approximately April 1st, 2023. The AUTHENTIC litter is bred in partnership with us by Lumen's owner, Karla Carlson // Side By Side. The puppies will be registered under our partnership name, FireSide By Side and raised by Karla in Minnesota. Sire Kibo is owned by Emily Wang in California, USA. We are super excited about this pairing of very accomplished dogs, especially given that they are both only two years old. We expect these puppies to be suitable for show, sport, and companionship, and all offspring will be long coats like their parents. If you have any questions, you can email Karla ( or us ( To learn more about the AUTHENTIC litter, visit

The FREEDOM litter breeding will take place mid-February with puppies expected mid-April. The FREEDOM litter is a solely Fireside Fernweh breeding, and puppies will be raised here in Illinois. Sire Rudy was owned by Melanie Fuellgraf // Thornvalley in Pennsylvania, USA - he passed away last year at 12 years old. This breeding will take place via AI. We are super excited for this combination of Furrari's European lineage with Rudy's American lineage - these two are about as unrelated as two White Swiss Shepherds can be, so we hope to see a lower Coefficient of Inbreeding than with our previous all European line litters. Both Rudy and Furrari are proven producers with offspring titled in show and sport, thus we expect puppies who will be suitable for show, sport, and companionship. For more, please visit

If you are interested in either litter, please submit an application to

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