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Why We Feed What We Feed

As with human athletes, diet is very important also for canine athletes. Although I concede that a well balanced raw diet is the best option, it can be difficult to source meat, store it, and prepare it. Additionally, human grade meat can be quite expensive unless you buy in bulk...which requires some sort of freezer to store all of it in. All in all, while I'd love to feed raw, it's just not an option for us. So we feed Purina Pro Plan Sport 30/20 Chicken & Rice (which we buy here). Now, there is some distaste about Purina spreading around DogBook, but Purina is one of only a handful of brands to meet WSAVA (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) guidelines (click here) for choosing a dog food brand. Now, with there being other options meeting the guidelines, why did we choose Purina? Simple - Purina is heavily involved in purebred dogs. So involved, that by sending in my receipts, I am donating to the United White Shepherd Club via Purina. Just for feeding dog food! Purina also sponsors many dog events throughout the year and hosts many more at the Purina Event Center in Gray Summit, MO. All in all, for us, Purina is the obvious choice.

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