fireside (n)

an area around or near a fire/fireplace

Our dogs are FCI & UKC Registered, Health Tested, and Titled in Show & Sports

A Bit About Us

White Swiss Shepherds of Fireside Fernweh is a small versatility-focused breeding program located in Illinois, USA. We strive to produce driven, intelligent, healthy, and beautiful White Swiss Shepherds who can succeed in an array of sports and show. Although our first litter is still young, four are already show champions, and many have begun some kind of sports training (agility, nosework, dock diving, IGP, and even search and rescue human remains detection training). We look forward to seeing everything our RIDE litter accomplishes, and are ecstatic to welcome our DRIVE litter in 2022. Thank you for your interest in the White Swiss Shepherds of Fireside Fernweh. For more, please visit About > Our Breeding Program page. 


Quarterly Publication & WSS Merch

I am studying to become a Graphic Designer and have decided to establish WHITE SWISS WORLD, a magazine focused on the most fantastic breed - the White Swiss Shepherd. In addition to the publication, WHITE SWISS WORLD also features a shop where White Swiss Shepherd lovers can find hoodies, t-shirts, stickers, and more geared towards the breed. PS, you can use the code "FIRESIDEFERNWEH" to save on your order!


Good Dog Recognized

Find us on Good Dog, where we are recognized as performing a GOOD level of health testing on our White Swiss Shepherds.