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IMPORTANT: Contract Information


We take pride in our program and do everything we can to minimize the risk of genetic ailments, but unfortunately much is still unknown and many ailments have an environmental factor as well. As such, we can offer only a warranty, since there are no guarantees when one is dealing with nature. Regarding hip and elbow dysplasia: we will refund the purchase price less the deposit if a dog is found to have hip or elbow dysplasia requiring surgery prior to age 5, or we will refund half of the purchase price if a dog is found to have hip or elbow dysplasia not requiring surgery prior to age 5. Additionally, we will refund the purchase price less the deposit if a dog is found to have any other crippling genetic ailment prior to age 3. Beginning in 2024, buyers will be required to have their dog x-rayed for hip and elbow dysplasia after minimum 12 months of age, ideally between 24 months and 36 months. This information is pertinent for our breeding program so that we can make well-informed breeding decisions in the future.


NO dog sold by Fireside Fernweh may be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) or any other organization as a German Shepherd Dog. Our litters are dual registered with the Federacion Canofila de Puerto Rico (FCPR), a member of FCI, as White Swiss Shepherds and with the United Kennel Club (UKC) as White Shepherds. UKC papers will be given to the buyer with the seller listed as Sole Signatory and the buyer listed as a Successor. FCPR papers will remain in the seller's possession until the dog has met our breeding requirements or has been altered (spayed/neutered). The reasoning behind this is to allow the buyer to compete in UKC events, but to prevent any litters from being registered until after the dog has completed our breeding requirements. Upon completion of breeding requirements, the seller will be removed from the UKC papers, and mail the FCPR papers to the buyer.


All Fireside Fernweh puppies are sold with conditional breeding rights, meaning the puppy must meet the requirements as laid out in the contract prior to being bred. We chose this route because in order to maintain genetic diversity, it is actually better for the breed if more dogs in a litter are bred than are not. However, we still require dogs that carry the Fireside Fernweh name to earn titles and pass health testing prior to breeding. Fireside Fernweh reserves the right to withhold breeding rights from any dog with severe flaws of temperament or health, or which is afflicted by any potentially genetic ailment.

Females bred by Fireside Fernweh may be bred a maximum of 3 times, while males may be bred a maximum of 10 times. Special exceptions can be made for outstanding dogs in good health.


We take pride in our puppies, breeding mostly imported lineage and only dogs who we believe better the White Swiss Shepherd breed in the US. Each puppy receives the same amount of care and attention prior to leaving for their new homes, regardless of whether they will become exclusively a companion or a show/sport prospect. Fireside Fernweh puppies are $4000-6500. Many factors are considered when determining pricing for a specific litter, and even with a litter there could be some variation. Pricing will depend on the accomplishments of the parents, whether the parents are proven producers, whether frozen semen was used, and the quality of an individual puppy. The majority of our litters fall around $4500-5500, but higher quality litters will be priced accordingly. Please note that pricing is subject to change.

A deposit of $1000 is required to hold a puppy after they are born. No puppies shall be considered spoken for until the deposit has been received.


We no longer utilize a waitlist in our program due to a lack of follow through and much time wasted. Instead, we now have an interest list and will send out a litter-specific application when puppies are imminent. The interest list is an informal way for us to see what people are looking for and for us to be able to reach out when we have puppies on the way. We will also use our interest list when considering future pairings, so it can be completed whether you are looking for a puppy in two months or two years. 

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